Sunday, 22 January 2012


Maxfactor Mulberry

i felt like i had to review this product it is perfect in my eyes ! i have been looking for a berry colour for ages as i feel with my colourings i look odd in a nude or a pink and I'm not quite brave enough to wear red all the time ^_^ i also love the packaging i think it looks super expensive and feels great to :) i think the formula is great it goes on really well and doesn't highlight any chapping or peeling at all it feels super moisturising the only think i dislike is the taste its quite chemically as is the smell slightly but that's all i could find wrong with this product i got it on offer for 5.99 i think it is shade mulberry 685 by maxfactor :D

Saturday, 21 January 2012

sleek looks

 this is a look i would use when going out in cardiff for a night i really like this look its bold dramatic i love the colours i think it really works
                                                                            (no flash)
for this is have used the black the brown/purple underneath that in real life is more of a brown and then i have used the gold which is bottom row third on the right i used the brush included to create this look a well

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

first go at sleek

i have really wanted to try a sleek pallet for a while now and i finally went into town and got one i went for the sunset one because i wanted something different from the normal browns i love most of the colours in this pallet but there are some i don't think I'm going to use the blue and the orange being the main ones i cant see me getting much use out of them but recently i have been using the black the browny red and the gold the gold is amazing at first i wasn't sure about it but now i find my self using it more and more i have been able to create some great night and day time looks out of this pallet and it was completely worth the money i payed for it ! i would defiantly recommend this i really want to try another one now :D 

Monday, 2 January 2012

models own prettys

i bought this nail varnish before Christmas as i thought it would be just right for the season! i was buying two of the beetle juice collection from models own and they have a deal that is buy three save so much money so i added this one into my basket and i didn't regret it at all !! this is hands down one of my favourite nail varnishes ever !! I'm in love with it ! it goes on great it drys fast it is completely sparkly and fabulous soo on to the photos iv got a nondescript red undercoat under it just to make it completely opaque but it does not really need it its called scarlet sparkle and it is only five pounds im already considering buying another incase this one runs out !