Tuesday, 3 January 2012

first go at sleek

i have really wanted to try a sleek pallet for a while now and i finally went into town and got one i went for the sunset one because i wanted something different from the normal browns i love most of the colours in this pallet but there are some i don't think I'm going to use the blue and the orange being the main ones i cant see me getting much use out of them but recently i have been using the black the browny red and the gold the gold is amazing at first i wasn't sure about it but now i find my self using it more and more i have been able to create some great night and day time looks out of this pallet and it was completely worth the money i payed for it ! i would defiantly recommend this i really want to try another one now :D 


  1. What a beautiful pallet! Browns have always been my favorite as well, but i find when i buy a new pallet i always end up really liking the colors i was unsure about at first. Would love to see some pictures of you wearing some of these! hope your having a terrific new year=) can't wait to spend 2012 following your blog.

    much love,
    lauren xox


    1. i will try and get some photos up of it on soon for you :)

  2. Love that palette, really gorgeous shades, I bet there really nice to use as well with them being mineral based.

    Liking the sparkly red polish in the previous post as well!

    Happy new year

    Esther xx


  3. Oh I've been wanting to try sleek palette !
    do you recommend to buy this palette? I think I'm gonna order one soon!

    btw,nice blog you have here <3


    1. i really would recommend it i really wana try more of them as well :P
      and thank you :) xx