Wednesday, 29 June 2011

i gots me some nail varnish

  This is what the end product was i think ima have lots of fun trying out all the different ways of using this nail polish .
the two 17 colours were 2.99 and had the cutes names >_< the more orange one was called orange soda and the more redish one was called caribean coral and the pink barry m wasjust 314 nail effects and  3.99 so it wasnt to bad :)
 i really like the two 17 colours but i am still not satisfied i want the tropical temptation shade by Revlon it is really what I'm looking for in the right shade or coral
this is just a little thing i found in the market for a pound its a lovely vintage purse made with real leather it has a great feel to it i didn't need a new purse but i couldn't pass up the opportunity to get one like this for a pound


  1. oh i just did a review on orange soda- i adore the colour!!! <3

  2. it is great it looks great with the pink barry m crackle nail varnish as well