Sunday, 26 June 2011

moneymoneymoney it makes my world spin

this is my saving plan i want to save over 600 by the end of next month
 i have 282 in there and fourty to put back in and i need to get presents and stuff for craigzilla tomoro

if i save 170 pounds i will have 180 pounds extra a month and and that would be 36 pounds a week just about wich is ten pounds petrol and the five for the orange wednesday 10 for food then and then i have 11 left over 

i have to buy things for global gathering as well so some weeks ima have to save more money by not going to orange wednesdays so i can buy clothes ice packs extra :)

by july the 31st i would have saved 622 pounds so i can just build it up and up for uni my last personal buy for a while will be the earings i got <3

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