Monday, 18 July 2011

 so i resantly bought a new masscara as i was completly run out of everything eles half decent i had and i bought this its the new maxfactor masscara and it was 2 for 12 pounds i think in superdrug and its normaly like 10.99 so i got one for me and one for my sister we both loved the original flash lash effect maxfactor so i thought this seamed similar so we gave it ago its just as good as the original i think it may make the lashes look some what longer seaming as thats what it is ment to do :P the brush is slightly longer as well than the original but i think it it probly just as thick i think it really is a good masscara and as worked well i always find they look way better irl than in photos so these are my photos of me wearing it :) im very pleased to have got it when it was on offer as well as normaly im not whilling to pay that much for a masscara :)

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