Tuesday, 12 July 2011

a little shopping

well i officaly reached 500+ pounds in my bank on friday so i decided that maby spending some money wouldnt be such a bad thing >_< so after i had my nails done wich was free as i had a voucher of my aunty for my birthday i also paid to have my eyebrows done last thrusday with it :) i went into town and i had to get my film developed so i went in to do that that will be ready tomoro at 12 wwoooo exited :P hehe well i was just having a wonder and went into dorethy perkins and i am a complete dorethy perkins addict :P and i saw a dress in there that i had wanted befor but it was 26 pounds then and i was super saving :P well it was in the sale for 15 pounds so i just had to have it :P i then procceded on to iceland >_> got some cheese bananas and a lunchable :P yum :P here is my pretty full dress and nails :P the colour was cajun shrip its lovely almost pinkey red there was so many to choose from i wish i could have taken them all with me i wanted a coral colour but they didnt have one boooo and they didnt seam to have a nude that i could see anyways so this one stood out so i had it :P photo time !!!

1 comment:

  1. Love the colour of the nail polish, and the dress is super cute!