Monday, 4 July 2011

we went bowling

 this is me kicking kierons bum at bowling :P hehe well the once :P it was a bit of an impulse trip the bowling place is only in cwmbran so not to far away really we had a great time we got four free tokens for the arcade there and we always try the grabbing machine >_< so we wasted two on there and then spent two on the air hockey and i totally beat him on that:P then we had four rounds of bowling because it was unlimited bowling then and went to  have  a few games of pool because that came free with the bowling and i won one game of that >_> lets just say pool is not my strong point :P

also i went with the family to the Glanusk horse trials i am in no way horsey but i do like country fairs and things like that it was sooo sunny it was a good day and i got to use my last film :) so hopefully i got some nice sunny pictures :) cant wait to go get them developed :)

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