Wednesday, 31 August 2011


iv beeeen super busy i think the parents are trying to get as much time with me as possible befor i leave ahhh scary times well we have been out and about quite a lot with a bit of bank holiday shopping thrown in to iv got  a few photos of the day so here they are :D
this was at piknash deer and bird park this was our first day out mum really wanted to go here :P hehe we bough bird feed at the start and then you can feed ducks and birds and chickens :P it was fun

me as alice in wonderland they hold mad hatters tea partys in the grounds

the deer there were tame and would come right up to you they were georgouse

westen super mare was today :P they had sand sculputers i had never seen sand sculpters and they were pretty impressive !!

maltieser icecream what more can i say !! the place we had it was amazing and in the arcade i get slightly addicted to the 2p machines >_<

me and lucy on the pier the cardy is something i got in tkmax on the bank holiday should have been 99 pounds was 20 :O

this was at westmidlands it was a really good experience iv not seeing most of the animals in real life befor so i got quite exited :D

couldnt resist !

ME FEEDING A GIRAFFE !!! how wild is that they are georgouse !!! i loved it

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