Sunday, 5 June 2011

hello again

I'm trying to be really good with this and try and do it everyday as now that college is almost over i wont have a lot of much else to do ....

well iv been trying to think of things to talk about and i thought maybe today id show you the small amount of make up i wear iv never really been much into the whole make up thing i did use foundation for a small while but it always makes my skins die >_<
 this is my daily wear ..... I'm slightly ashamed as most people i have found on here really know what they are doing when it comes to make up and i don't really use any foundation eyeshadow the only time i will is if maybe we are going on a night out and even there i feel its a bit of drag >_<

 from left to right (top row)
1. daisy Marc Jacobs moisturiser it smells amazing its got some sort of glittering particles that at first made me feel like a glitter ball but as it sinks in the sparklyness wears away :)
2. Marc Jacobs daisy perfume i had been waiting and waiting for this perfume and when my mum got it me for Christmas i couldn't have been more pleased it lasts a long time once on and i really enjoy the smell
3. i am some what of a cheapskate so for things like hairspray i just tend to see what mum comes home with and tend to just stick to that i really enjoy having curly hair but  my hair refuses to keep a curl and this does its job my curls can last all day in college no matter what I'm doing which is all i need it to do >_<
 right to left (bottom row) straighteners FHI i love these they were my first properly good straighteners the only time i think ill get new ones is if these brake
2. i have a new mascara its rimmel and its got two brushes one inside the other one is for length and one is for volume my mum got me this as it was on offer in Morrison's it is quite good get good even cover and good volume but I'm not convinced with the length.
3. and then the one i use everyday this is something i actually spent a lot of money on as i my eyes are the only thing i make up its max factor false lash effect mascara I'm not quite sure if the pink case makes any difference but i got this on offer quite a while ago and i am whiling to pay full price for a new one once i run out it is that good !!
4. this is the thing i use the most my liquid eyeliner its just a cheap 2true thing from super drug i needed and eye liner and i wanted to see how much better the waterproof stayed than the normal i have to say it wasn't bad especially as its so cheap at only 1.99
5. errmmm this is a hairbrush i got for Christmas years ago I'm defiantly going to have to invest in a new on some time soon as i will be quite embarrassed to take this to uni >_<

and this is my new favorite thing ever !!

these little bottles were amazing i am so impressed i just bought two 400ml bottles of superdrug parcialy just because they were on offer 2 for five pounds and on their own they are nearly four pounds each i am a very happy bunny :)

so that's my make up post i am going to do a make up wish list post i think as there are quite few things i would really like to try out :)

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  1. I barely know what I'm doing either really :p I don't use too much make up... love the Daisy perfume, I just finished mine the other day! xx