Sunday, 5 June 2011

things i would llike :)

1. i really need to invest in a new higher quality eye liner and i really like the looks of this one i think that having the pen shape will make it a lot easier to apply and i am quite pleased as it isn't to expensive

2. i love mascaras and even though i love the one i have at the moment i would quite like to try a new one and from a brand i haven't used before i was looking around and mac has a good enough name so i thought id have a look on there and found this one it says it will help to curl your eyelashes as well which is a plus i will have to save up to get this but i hope i will be able to soon

3. i have seen a lot of shatter nail varnishes and i have wanted one for some time now my Friend loz was the one that actually told me Barry m was doing one and next time I'm in town i will defiantly get this i cant wait to try it out and pictures will follow shortly

4. as i have said before i don't normally use foundation but now i think mabye  i should just try and see how i feel about it i will have to cleanse my skin after like never before though and this one sounded good and all other max factor products i have used before have worked well enough so i think I'm going to invest in a good new foundation sometime soon

5. i used to have the perfect blush tone but it ran out as i had had it for years and i saw this on in the superdrug website the colour sounds great it is slightly more than id spend on a blush but i think it would be a good quality

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