Friday, 10 June 2011

ok well its been five days.....

and not a lot has happened overall ....iv been working hard to get my final show done and what not etc etc
i have however been shopping today >_< arrgggg i had fifteen pounds in my purse and didn't do to badly at all :) i got a superdrugs card as well :) as i had been planning on getting one as soon as i found out about them :) i also got the max factor eyeliner i wanted as well I'm very pleased about this as it is fabulous!!!!
also i popped into Morrison's on Thursday to get a birthday card on the way to the train and couldn't help but notice that glamour had a free sample of high beam by benefit with it and it was the woman of the year issue :)
so here is my little haul excluding my black body i got in the sale in new look for 2 pounds bargain i love body's iv got a white one and i wanted a black one to wear on nights out
these are all my new things i got the umbrella off my nan it was originally from peacocks its a really nice sturdy umbrella and the camera was my mums but i went out today to buy a new battery for it and a few rolls of film i got the battery for 4.99 and three rolls of film for 5 pounds not to bad in my books i love film ten times more than digital the feeling of waiting to see what the photos turn out like is amazing :) i cant wait to finish a film and take it in :)
this is the tiny pot of high beam i got with the magazine that is underneath everything it was only two pounds :) iv tyred it out but i don't think iv quite mastered what to do with it properly it has a nice look when on
this is my new eyeliner it is fantastic the black is really black and stays amazingly its just going to be a test to see how long it takes for it to run out hopefully it is going to be worth the 6.99 i paid for it :)

bank balance update i went quite low earlier on in the week but i am back up to 390 now i put 60 in today i had my 40 pounds wages and twenty pounds off my nan

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