Saturday, 4 June 2011

heylo :)
I'm going to start today with a few things i broke into my saving to get for a few special occasions coming up :) i try and keep my bank balance above three hundred I'm trying to get it up to about five hundred and then try and keep it above that at all times so right now i have 349 pounds in my bank and in my mind i have no money this may sounds completely bizarre to some people but its how i keep my money and when me and kieron want to do something special we can

i only had about 370 pounds in my bank so i didn't have alot of money to spend so i went straight to primark hoping to get a nice bargain i bought the dress and the shoes from there i fell in love with the dress id been looking for a nice collared dress for a long time and i love pastel pinks and for 6 pounds you couldn't go wrong really the shoes are obviously not the highest quality and i am not expecting them to last me a long time

but over all i am pretty happy with these buys as i haven't bought new clothes in a long long time :) i bought new tights from peacocks as i find they have the best quality and they are a good price as well there was 25% off the whole shop so the tights that are normally are 4 pounds were only three i was really happy with them but i feel from the first time i bought them they have slightly dropped in quality they arnt as a dense black as they used to be but they still hold up extremely well :)

 relantly i also been trying to get some free samples of things id use everyday to make sure they are exatly what id want to use at the beging of the week i got a free travel size sample of the new aqua light pantene pro-v  as soon as i started to dry my hair i could completly tell a diffrence i had a wonderfull swoosh as it says on the pacagin they came with it says This is the "swisssh" factor you've been looking for it left my hair sooooo soft and bouncy and it makes me feel like i cant to wash my hair again hehe well thats all for today i think :) im planning what to write tomoro already :)

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