Friday, 3 June 2011

my first little day

i think I'm going to start by saying hello and showing you what i do with my days and who that will involve most of the time :)
this is me this is my most recent picture i do be live i have brown hair that iv been growing for about two years blue eyes i think i am 18 i was 18 on the 25 of October :) i have my ears pierced but rarely wear earrings to be honest i am short i am just over five foot id say on last measurements I'm defiantly not the slimest person in the world ether being about a size12-14 depending on were I'm shopping i have little size four fetes  i think that's just about all about me ill move on
this is kieron i ook this at a small holders fair we went to we had a great time and I'm defiantly thinking of going to the royal welsh even though it will take a pretty hefty chunk of my savings he is taller than me ofc he has blue eyes and short brown hair he has a beautiful heart and i know he loves me, we haven't had the smoothest path but i think a relationship with out its problems leaves you knowing less about the person than if there was, i tell him everything and spend almost everyday with him, in September ill be away from him for a week at the least it will be hard but i hope we can get through it

 this is my family my mum my dad and my little sister Lucy even though people hardly seam to believe that she is older than me iv been cursed with a baby face i love my mum and that they have given me the best live possible and i will miss them so much when i move away

Thats about all i can write for now just about to fall asleep on my laptop .zzzzzz

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  1. love the blog babe!

    newest follower :D
    xoxo Effy